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The White Butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformation, renewal and rebirth. It is also the sign of loved ones that have passed.

Ever since I can remember I have been able to see, hear, and feel things others could not. I have been very blessed over the years to be able to grow and expand my gifts. Hello, my name is Desiree Minton. I am a highly experienced licensed professional. My passion in life is to empower others and help them own their own path. I feel that an empowered soul is not only powerful, but confident, trusting, secure and most of all happy.

Let's go on a spiritual journey together!

Desiree Minton, LMT




Intuitive Sessions Can be recorded and sent to you, so that you can listen to them again

and again!



During this session Desiree will channel in guides, angels, and/or those who have passed on, allowing them to speak through her.  This gives you the opportunity to speak directly with those on the other-side.  You may ask questions about your journey, soul contract, and/or about something that you need more information or clarity on.

 Energy/reiki healing

When you feel stuck or would like to manifest something in your life, an energy healing can assist you. Receiving energy healing can help release stress, boost the immune system, release emotional stress, increase energy, motivation and confidence, helping you feel more in control of your life. Desiree is able to see what energy that you are currently carrying that is no longer serving you. She is also experienced in helping you see the lesson, a different prospective, and giving you tips and tools to use at home. She is versed in several healing modalities including Reiki, Acupressure, Cranio-sacral and NLP, which gives you the opportunity to get the results you are looking for. 


With a intuitive/psychic reading you can look into the future to see what awaits, or who you have been in a past life. Receive clarification on some of life's decisions so that you can make your choice confidently; whether it be on a job, relationship or maybe a move of location 

Medium session

Speak with those that have passed or with your Spirit Guides in a Medium Session. During this session, Desiree will talk with those on the other-side and relay what they say to you. You are able to request who you speak with, or just see who may be wanting to give you a message. 


This is a private, one-on-one coaching session for those who want to grow or expand their intuitive gifts, including but not limited to: learning to use divination, connecting to those on the other side, and/or exploring past lives. If there are any energy blocks holding you back, those will be removed in this session. You will gain more skills, tools and clarification to help you continue on your spiritual journey.

Massage Therapy

Choose between Swedish, Deep Tissue, Intuitive or a Hot Stone Massage to help you boost your immune system, release toxins, alleviate stiffness and soreness, improve posture, or just reduce the effects of stressful living.

Intuitive Massage is an hour and a half session, including a consultation. During this massage, Desiree tunes in to your body to see what it needs. It allows your body to lead the massage. An Intuitive Massage may also include energy work and is more of a deep tissue massage. It has shown to have greater posture and alignment results.

 Quantum healing

Negative energy can seep in from parallel lives affecting your current life line. This energy can show up as physical pain, blocks, and/or fears that seem to have no reason or origin.  Quantum healing releases that block or fear, sends love to the parallel life, and stops anymore negative energy from coming through, by using dimensional energy. Most clients experience immediate benefits, others after 24 hours. Please note that Quantum Healing is an intense energy session and it is suggested that you to allow a day or two for the dimensional energy to integrate into your energy field. 


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